Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Well unfortunately, when I picked up Baby "V" yesterday, I found out we had a bit of an issue at daycare. Apparently, my sweet, little lovely daughter -- yep this one, this one right here

was sitting reading -- or probably, more likely, looking through -- a book. These days she loves going through book after book. So I'm sure she was really into this book. Then, out of know where, a little boy, apparently, came over to try and take her book from her. Well that's when it happened. My sweet little lovely girl -- yep this one, this one right here -- still my sweet little girl --

decided to "CHOMP" down on his arm. What's a girl to do?? She was only protecting her book? Heck, he was trying to take her little precious book away from her -- you know, like kids do at their sweet little toddler age. Well then the providers yelled - scaring my little daughter into "CHOMPING" down even harder and not letting go in fear of what might happen. So, of course they found she had broken his skin as they had to go and physically remove her mouth from his arm - they chose to discipline by putting on her favorite Mr. Al Show "Tootie Ta" and sat her in a corner to not watch.

Why am I posting this incident?? Well it's because I struggle with discipline at this age. What's a mom to do 6 hours later after the incident to discipline. Don't get me wrong - I think the providers handled it very well considering the situation and I would never second guess that they are not doing what is right. But, I, as the parent, felt horrible and sat there and talked and talked to her about biting and how wrong it was. I feel it's my responsibility to make sure she understands that we, as parents, do not tolerate such actions and that it's wrong. But, being 6 hours later, does she get it at the age of almost 2? Does she know - 6 hours removed from the incident - that I'm telling her biting is bad and she associates it with what she's done to this poor little boy? Every response I get from her is "yeah"

Do you like being a bad girl?  -- "Yeah"
Are you supposed to bite -- "Yeah"
Is biting nice? -- "Yeah"

It appears to be a never ending response.

So then I text daddy and let him know how nice his little girl was today. So, he gets home, talks to her, asks her what she did to the little boy today and she responds with "I gave him owies." So she gets it. Now it's 10 hours removed and she gets it - she remembers what happened 10 hours ago when daddy asks but 6 hours removed and she can't tell mommy anything but "yeah." However, daddy then goes through the whole list of questions to get the same response - "Yeah!"
This is where I'm at - she apparently knows what she did to the little boy but at what point is my disciplining her going to do any good? She got disciplined at daycare but I don't want her going around and thinking biting is okay. How do I teach her at this point to use some other defense mechanism to stand up for herself other than biting? If I try to teach that - is she going to get it 6 hours removed? Is she going to understand that she needs to use these other techniques in these situations - 6 hours removed? So that's where I'm at with it. Trying to get the whole discipline down. Well "V" - Mr "V" that is -- seems to get the whole discipline thing. Maybe because he deals with a bunch of 10-year old kids day in and day out and it's rather second nature to him. But me, well it's still new and I'm still learning and it's still frustrating. As much as I like to think that this lovely, lively, beautiful innocent baby girl -- yep this one, this little cute adorable one..  (not that I'm biased or anything)

is actually INNOCENT.. I know deep down inside she has those sides of her in which she has a little bit of defiance so I'm going to have to learn quickly on how to discipline this cute, sweet, I like to think -- innocent child.

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