Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Flashlight Egg Hunt

This year we chose to celebrate Easter a couple of days early. As it turns out, it's hard getting four different family schedules to work out so we can get together. Some have to work the weekend and others have prior obligations. But we always seem to find time that works for all us and we always have a great time and make many new memories. This year was no different - we celebrated and we celebrated big - or so I felt like we did.
My mom and I have been putting together an Easter Egg Hunt for all the kids in the family for years. It started out at my mom's house and has now turned into an annual event at my house. We have a fairly large house with lots of room and a large yard with many hiding spots.This year, like the last few, it seems the weather gods have not been on our side. But we improvise and get creative and make it work. Normally we would have hid all the eggs outside and had designated areas for all the kids. You have to keep everything even as to make it fair for everyone. But - because it chose to RAIN and RAIN and RAIN - we decided to hide the eggs indoor but indoor with a twist. We turned off all the lights and had a flashlight egg hunt. Each kid had a designated room and had a blast. Here's some snippets of what it looked like at my house on Good Friday..

Here's someone searching for eggs with their flashlight.

Mia searching High and low for her eggs.. Even in the boxes.

Payton looking in the tunnels and playhouse to find her eggs.

Maddox finds one sitting in a candle stick. He was extremely excited!

Down the hall go Mia and Alexis. Nice to see Big Sis' helping out Lil' Sis.

There Daddy and Mac searching in her room.

It appears Brandon has his hands full and a bag full of eggs.

Payton and Maddox teaming up to find all of theirs. Good Team Work!

Brandon crawling all over to make sure he didn't miss any.

Finally - notice Miss Mackenzie's cheeks. Apparently she was more worried about how many jelly beans she could stuff in her mouth rather than making sure she found all of her eggs. Priceless!

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