Friday, April 2, 2010

We Have Growth..

Well a couple of posts ago I shared that I was venturing into starting my garden by seed. Well so far so good - we have growth. It's been fun tending to my little plants and sharing with Baby V the growth of these  little seeds that she help me plant. I haven't had luck with everything I planted but that's okay. It's been fun seeing these plants emerge. Some are a complete mystery as to what is growing because I can't remember what I planted and I accidentally used a wet erase marker instead of a permanent one. However, it makes it more fun to see what might emerge. I also have been fortunate to be able to use my four season room for this project. It gets a lot of light and I can monitor the temps of the room which has helped. Now I just continue to water and keep these babies thriving. Once they get a little bigger I believe I can start fertilizing and then start hardening off so I can plant in the ground. But, I'll keep you posted as this project continues.

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