Thursday, April 1, 2010

Unseasonably Warm Weather..

Here's what we do on warm sunny late afternoons - enjoy it at the Park!

Baby V is making a run for it to the nearest slide - she's excited...

This was the first and last trip down the BIG slide all by herself - yep she took a header when she got to the curve. It wasn't pretty but she was a trooper and cry all that much.

She's my monkey climber and did this all by herself.

And she found the sand -- oh the sand

She loves the dirty icky sand... Even more reason to take her to a beach resort this summer to soak up the rays and catch some relaxation. Oh - did I really say that - relaxation. I'm convinced that will not come until she's all grown up with children of her own.

If you're in the QC area - get out and enjoy this awesome weather we are having. We can't get outside enough right now.

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