Thursday, May 13, 2010

Birthday Prep..

So my daughter, my sweet, ornery, cute, little daughter turned two today. Hard to believe that two years have already passed but she's been a true blessing. She's an absolute joy and I couldn't have asked for a better child. She has her moments - like we all do - but overall she's the most joyful happy child I know. Can't you tell??

As she turns two today, I've been in birthday preparation mode. You have to know me - I tend to over extend myself in these types of situations. I have grandiose ideas that takes me days to plan, prep and execute. With birthdays, it's generally the cake I over extend. I posted back in April how I was making this cake for my daughter.

So far this cake has turned into a week long project and -- well -- I haven't even begun to make the cake. But here's where I'm at. First here is the hand.

After pondering several thoughts on how to make this - I decided my best bet would be to use straight white fondant. The fingers have been put together by using sucker sticks. Now the key will be to make sure I make the base strong and sturdy to hold the weight of this monsterous hand.

Next we have the clubhouse.

Keep in mind the final details are not all here but it gives you the effect of where I'm at with this. Unfortunately I'm a perfectionist and I think I could have done better but my daughter knows exactly what this is as she repeated continously last night --  "MICKEY MOUSE!!!!" So I guess that's all that counts. I did end up making the clubhouse out of rice krispie treats as I knew I could make that in advance and it would be sturdy. I shaped and molded the clubhouse into seperate pieces. I then covered it with fondant and attached the pieces together by hammering in a sucker stick. Worked out great. The slide has yet to be attached but that has been made strictly from fondant. I will begin to attach and add the remaining details come Saturday when I have to assemble. So hopefully this grandious idea I have will turn out just perfect -- well as perfect as I can get for tackling fondant for my very first time.

Meanwhile - as the preparations for this little girl's birthday celebration continues I will continue to enjoy every moment of this time because tomorrow she will be all grown up and no longer be my little two year old girl.


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