Wednesday, June 2, 2010

May gone - June Starts

Where has the time gone. We've had a crazy busy month that it feels like it never existed. That's part of our busy lives I guess. With just a blink of an eye - it's all gone. But it was good, eventful and fun all in the end.

Mackenzie turned 2. We had a successful birthday party with family and close friends to join in on the fun.

Here's the little turkey at daycare on her actual birthday. She's not a ham or anything  - is she? They really did make her feel special and she loved her birthday hat.

She loved her party - even though the weather didn't turn out to be the best. But she got lots of nice presents and she's really enjoying them all. She also loved her Yummy Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake too.

Then after all those festivities were over -- it was time to begin our yearly adventures to the State Meet in Charleston, IL. V left on Wednesday so the girls could compete in prelims Thursday morning. Baby V, my mom and I headed down Friday morning. It was a long road trip down with many stops along the way. The weather was rainy but by the time we hit our destination it was nice and sunny. We decided to stop at the Outlet mall to do some shopping and then off to Rockome Gardens in Arcola to ride the train, take a horse and buggy ride and walk around some of the gardens they had. We didn't stay very long as we only got there about 45 minutes before closing time. We did get to check out the cheese making factory and try some yummy delicious cheese. Next time we'll have to go and spend some quality time and check out all their shops. We then stayed at a Bed and Breakfast called McGrady Inn. It's an old church that has been turned into a bed and breakfast and it's absolutely wonderful. Below is the room we had. It's their choir loft which is a 2-story room. There's a TV room downstairs with a bed and bathroom upstairs. It's very spacious and comfortable.

As for the meet on Saturday, it went very well. The girls qualified 8 events of 12 that went down. It was a HOT sunny day and sitting in the bleachers from 9am til 5pm makes a long day for a 2 year old. I have to say Baby V did very well considering the conditions and not getting her daily nap for 2 days. We walked around a lot, ate, cooled off with some ice and lemon shakeups. At the end of the day Baby V crashed immediately getting put into her car seat and the girls were able to pull out a 4th place finish for the team. It was a great accomplishment. Everyone was so proud of all their hard work and dedication for the year. It was, yet, another great season and the Seniors will truly be missed.

Now we're into June and our crazy adventures continue. I'll post some pics of the meet as soon as they become available. I'm hoping they turn out.

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